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Welcome to Chao Group

Since 1995, Chao Group has assisted nearly 100 multinational clients worldwide achieve organization change.
We have over 95% repeat business. If you are looking to create a dynamic, energized workforce that embraces
digital transformation, change and innovation, then you have come to the right place.

Who is Larry Chao?

A brief intro to Chao Group - who we are and why we are unique.

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Here are some insightful ideas and practical management
advice that have worked with clients.

The Need to Lead

Here in Thailand, we need to “lead” to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and resuscitate the economy. The difference between management and leadership is that managers manage complexity and leaders lead change. Here in Thailand, we have done
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Can We Retain Speed of Decision-Making Gained During the Crisis?

By now, most companies here in Bangkok have brought their workforces back to the office. Some have kept some form of remote work; others have asked everyone to return. In the near term, regardless of where and how people are working, the question

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The Vexing Problem of Transitioning from Crisis Management to Recovery Mode

Managing the pandemic crisis and planning for recovery are two discrete challenges with seemingly conflicting priorities. They both need to be addressed effectively. In a scary way, managing an uncertain recovery is tougher than managing in crisi

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Our Services

To really improve organization performance, you need to
align individual performance with business priorities.

Aligning Priorities and Expectations

Aligning Strategic Priorities

We work with client teams to align functions with corporate strategy and create practical change programs.With a combination of strategy consulting
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Forging Collective Leadership

Forging Collective Leadership

Collective leadership at the top is essential. Collective leadership creates synergy by encouraging functional managers to work together
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Energizing Great Teams

Energizing Great Teams

We challenge any other provider to motivate teams better than we can. Most importantly, we challenge anyone else to create enduring team spirit
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Developing Outstanding Leaders

Developing Outstanding Leaders

Our leadership programs are designed to develop general managers capable of leading diverse teams. We emphasize strategic thinking,
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We are a leading practitioner for one-on-one executive coaching. Our objective is to assist executives become more effective by helping them
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