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Welcome to Chao Group

The pandemic has created unprecedented change and uncertainty. To adapt, organizations need to step back and simplify how people work together and how the organization can be re-tooled to support greater agility and better execution.

Chao Group Ltd is a dedicated change management consultancy. We have been designing and conducting change management programs for 27 years, since 1995. Our track record includes working with over 100 multinational clients on every continent, with over 90% repeat business. Our average client relationship is nearly 8 years.

Our value-added is developing creative solutions with business impact based on proven change management principles. Our aim is to improve the capability of individuals and diverse teams to work together to drive organization change and agility. This is especially true across functions, geographies and now in hybrid work conditions.

Recently we have addressed the following issues:
What distinguishes our approach is our ability to understand how to motivate people to change behaviors and work together in the real-life business context. We translate theory into practical actions. Our deep experience in management consulting, change implementation and psychology facilitates our success.

Who is Larry Chao?

A brief intro to Chao Group - who we are and why we are unique.

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you have been hacked now your servers are going to fail
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Don’t Let the Comfort Zone Ruin Your Life

For many, life during the pandemic started off exciting and stressful, but has now become more routine and comfortable. Early in the pandemic, there was so much change and uncertainty, people felt out of control. No one was sure about what was

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Our Services

To really improve organization performance, you need to
align individual performance with business priorities.

Aligning Priorities and Expectations

Aligning Strategic Priorities

We work with client teams to align functions with corporate strategy and create practical change programs.With a combination of strategy consulting
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Forging Collective Leadership

Forging Collective Leadership

Collective leadership at the top is essential. Collective leadership creates synergy by encouraging functional managers to work together
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Energizing Great Teams

Energizing Great Teams

We challenge any other provider to motivate teams better than we can. Most importantly, we challenge anyone else to create enduring team spirit
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Developing Outstanding Leaders

Developing Outstanding Leaders

Our leadership programs are designed to develop general managers capable of leading diverse teams. We emphasize strategic thinking,
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We are a leading practitioner for one-on-one executive coaching. Our objective is to assist executives become more effective by helping them
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